Franchise to join in the approval process

1, project consultation and promotion stage:

(1) for joining information

(2) the project consultation

2, the first trial phase:

(1) according to the network layout plan first trial

(2) fill in the application form to join, plan

(3) to prepare relevant documents and money

(4) the evaluation application form content

(5) evaluation management idea of league

(6) to determine the appropriate Xu Fang

3, intent negotiation phase of the project:

(1) investigation headquarters

(2) the two sides further investigation

(3) the intention mutually confirmed

Stage 4, the signing of the contract:

(1) to prepare related documents, funds and places

(2) the signing of the franchise contract

(3) the pre-opening preparation phase: submit opening schedule

(4) the house lease, building and preparation

(5) for examination and approval of opening (registered)

(6) staff recruitment and training

5, stages of cooperation:

(1) for the opening

(2) the operation and supervision

6, termination phase:

(1) cooperation due

(2) the default termination

(3) termination of force majeure